Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Devon Aoki

A few months ago I came across a drawing and was immediately fascinated by it. It was just so incredibly detailed and colourful that it stuck in my head. Said picture was Devon Aoki by Minjae Lee or Greno89, an South Korean painter and illustrator. So I thought, I'm going to tell you a bit more about him today.

Above: Devon Aoki
paper, mixed media
Source: grenomj.com

Lee Minjae is a Seoul based artist. He was born in 1989 and started to do art at the age of 17. He finished high school, but decided not to attend university in favour of becoming an professional artist. Even though he was unsure at first, now at the age of 25 he is glad about his decision. His work is well received all around the world and private collectors from all continents scramble to get one of his works. In 2013, he even was on the cover of Art Business News summer issue "Top 30 Artists in the World under 30".

Above: Kiss II
paper, mixed media
Source: grenomj.com

25-year-old Lee mainly draws with markers because of their vibrant colours. He is, however, always experimenting with various mediums. On his deviantART profile, you can find pencil drawings as well as acrylic and digital paintings.

Dramatic expressions and colours characterize Lee’s work. He mainly finds inspiration in people –primarily females–, abstract movement and colour. In an interview he mentioned, that women’s faces fascinate him because of how much emotion they show.

Above: Indian
paper, mixed media

The South Korean’s art work is also dominated by patterns and texture. One of the first things to catch your eye are the comprehensive designs. Because of the great detail, the drawings take rather long to finish. Greno needs between 3 to 15 days to finish an A3 marker work. Acrylic paintings require more time: between 2 weeks and a month.

The drawings and paintings also differ in size. While most of them are A3 or A4, there are some exceptionally huge ones. Check out the pictures below from a live painting event in Tel Aviv (The Castro Street Art Project). The whole drawing was done with Copic markers.

Source: design-milk.com

So, let's hope that we're going to see more of his art!

If this actually got you curious about him, I put a list of links to his social media accounts below.


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